IT and Telecommunications

The Smyth & Bradshaw HR Global Technology & Services Practice, solves senior executive leadership issues that will not only grow and strengthen an organisation, but also enable business transformation over an extended period of time. Our technology executive recruiters have placed some of the most recognisable executives to lead powerful global technology organisations that touch millions of people every day.

Technology companies today are experiencing tremendous challenges and fundamental change. Our clients are part of the evolving business landscape and turn to our experts to help them face many important issues, including:  globalisation, emerging and converging technologies, identifying new sources of revenue and most importantly, talent management and retention.

With our key initiatives focus, we are uniquely positioned to meet client needs beyond a traditional single-industry mindset to encompass a broad talent perspective across industry and functional practices. These key initiatives today include:

• Big Data & Analytics
• Cloud
• Mobility
• Cyber Security

Given the responsibility leaders in the technology industry have on their shoulders, we know that finding the right talent is paramount to growth and success.